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2014-2017 BA (Hons) Design for Performance

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff


2013-2014 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

South Gloucestershire and Stroud College -Stroud Campus


model making, scenic painting, sign painting, basic set construction hand, bench and power tools, hand and machine sewing, puppet design and making, willow weaving, leadership, sourcing, budgeting and costings


AutoCad, Sketch Up, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

shortlisted for the Linbury Prize for Stage Design 2017


childrens design workshop leader

full clean driving licence


designer  'Really Reel Teenz'

The Yard Theatre

director - Lauren Barri Holstein

and the Queens Yard Company  2019

designer 'MARY'

an installation and performance project

Collaboration with Nerida Bradley

supported by The Other Room, Cardiff and

Red Oak Theatre

R&D funded by Arts Council Wales  2019/2020

designer 'Holocaust Brunch'

writer/performer - Tamara Micner

https://www.tamaramicner.com/holocaust-brunch.  2019/2020

designer  'The Hiding Tree'

opera touring schools in South Wales

Also visiting the Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre.

director - Jem Treays  2019

set and costume designer  'Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco' 

Landor Space, Clapham. director - Or Benezra-Segal   2018


set and costume designer 'The Amazing Adventure of Alvin Allegretto'

opera touring schools in South Wales

director - Jem Treays   2018


set and costume designer  ‘Open Plan’ 

new writing supported by HighTide

Caird Studio, Cardiff.  director - Mark Maughan  2017

associate set designer 'Six The Musical'

UK Tour 

designer - Emma Bailey

created by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss  2019/2020

associate designer 'Il Trovatore' . 

Winslow Hall Opera

director - Carmen Jakobi. designer - Jacob Hughes   2018

assistant designer 'Bridge'

with Imagineer Productions.    

designer - Dan Potra

director - Orit Azaz

sculpture and performance project in Coventry.

Touring to further cities in 2020

design assistant 'Super Duper Close Up' with Made in China

The Yard Theatre

writer/performer - Jess Latowicki. designer - Emma Bailey   2018

design assistant 'Cardiff Boy' with Red Oak Theatre 

The Other Room, Cardiff

director - Matthew Holmquist  designer - April Dalton   2018


area designer 'Artists Village' for Boomtown Festival 

with Frances Norburn  2018

working with James Horne, Lucy Fowler, Seren Noel,

Jack Valentine and Alex Moody

art assistant The Great Masked Ball for Darling and Edge  2018

an immersive Swan Lake experience held in Peckham - July-August '18


art assistant Admiral Staff Party for Scott-Callaghan Art Production.

Principality Stadium, Cardiff 

produced by SC Productions and Paul Williams Events .  2018

art assistant  'Immersive Cult'  event, Westminster  2018

art director - Luke Harcourt

creative production support 'Outlook and Dimensions', Croatia.

art director - Luke Harcourt   2018  

scenic artist  'Tylwyth'   |   Sherman Theatre. designer - Tom Rogers  |   director - Arwel Gruffydd   |   2020

scenic artist  'Snow Queen'   |   Sherman Theatre  |   designer - Cecilia Carey   |   director - Tessa Walker   |   2019

scenic artist  ‘Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992’   |   Gate Theatre   |   director - Ola Ince   |   designer - Jacob Hughes   |   2018

scenic artist  ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest’   |   Torch Theatre, Milford Haven   |   director - Peter Doran   |   designer - Sean Crowley   |   2017


graphics assistant 'Dream Horse'

with Popara Films

production designer - Daniel Taylor

director - Euros Lyn .  2019

Premiering at Sundance Film Festival 2020

graphics 'Specsavers - Scrooge'

Commercial with Dark Energy Films

art director- Daniel Taylor

director - Graham Daldry.  2019

graphics 'BT - HALO'

Commercial with Carnage Films and Biscuit Film Works 

production designer - Daniel Taylor

director - Christopher Riggert.  2019

additional photography graphics 'The Banishing' 

additional photography production designer - Daniel Taylor

director - Christopher Smith.  2020.


scenic artist  'Tylwyth'   2020

Sherman Theatre. designer - Tom Rogers

director - Arwel Gruffydd

scenic artist  'Snow Queen'   2019

Sherman Theatre. designer - Cecilia Carey

director - Tessa Walker 

lead scenic artist Standon Calling festival, Hertfordshire

art director - Luke Harcourt  2018/2019

scenic artist We Out Here festival, Cambridgeshire

with Tired Industries . 2019

scenic artist for various projects at Wild Creations, Cardiff  2018

including Jurassic World promotions

               Doctor Who commissions

               Mamma Mia set and dressing

scenic artist for various projects with The Scenery Shop

Wales Millenium Centre. designer - Hayley Grindle

Ustinov Studio, Bath.  designer - Tim Shortall

scenic artist  ‘Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992’  2018

Gate Theatre  

director - Ola Ince  designer - Jacob Hughes

scenic artist  ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest’   2017

Torch Theatre, Milford Haven  

director - Peter Doran   designer - Sean Crowley

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